By Coach Dee

1. Eccentric Lowering drill – lower to the floor or an ab mat with a 3-8 count depending on your ability. Making sure as you lower your head and hands form a tripod. Head must come forward of the finger tips slightly, do not lower your head in line with your hands. Make sure you are looking forward rather than down at the ground. This can help excessive arch through the back and cranking the neck back. Can be done off a box making sure you tuck your chin in, hips are high and as you lower look towards to box. Eccentric lowering is one movement that will help build up strength in the HSPU movement.

2. Head Stand Drills – get into the tripod shape with head slightly forward of hands. Start by getting your knees on top of your elbows and balance there. Once you are able to do that try taking one knee off the elbow, then the other until you are able to head stand without your legs leaning on your elbows. As you’re in your head stand position kick your legs back and push with your arms, think ‘long’ with kick back with the legs, landing into the push up position with bent arms. Once landed lock out arms by finishing the push up. b) Once you’ve mastered this aim to do the same thing but landing with locked out arms. c) If ‘b’ is working well then try the same idea but kicking up against the wall. As you build more confidence then move the ab mat slightly closer to the wall and kick further and further up the wall if strength in arms allow.

3. Lowering Kip Drill – this is more about getting the feel for the kip rather than building any strength in that position. Lower to the ground or the mat, doesn’t need to be super slow but with control. When you have lowered your head to the ground put your butt against the wall for stability. From there lower your legs to your chest with knees facing out not forward until you are in the bottom of the ‘kip’ position. Once in that position extend the legs back up towards the wall. You should be able to lower and raise your legs without losing your balance and coming off the wall. Key points to remember with this drill – hands and head are in tripod position and don’t be too close to the wall because as you lower you will fall off the wall when you put your butt against it. Also make sure you are not too far from the wall otherwise you will be in an over extended arch position which is not a good position for your back or a good position to perform a kip.

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