5 Reasons Why You Need More Plyo in Your Life

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Plyometrics, or “plyo” for short, is all those wonderful jumping style exercises. Everything from jumping lunges to burpees to box jumps is considered plyometrics. See our ultimate plyo leg workout below.

  1. It will improve your agility. Plyometrics works on your fast twitch muscle fibres. These are the ones that allow you to get off the ground and sprint away from zombie attack. Very important.
  2. You will burn more fat. Plyometrics exercises are high intensity exercises and they lend themselves beautifully to HIIT style workouts. A 20min HIIT style workout, as opposed to a 20min steady state run, with keep your metabolism boosted for hours after the workout itself.
  3. It will strengthen your joints and your bones. The high impact nature of plyo means it will help strengthen your joints and increase bone mineral density.
  4. It will help your coordination and balance. If you are prone to tripping, stumbling or rolling your ankle then plyo can help! Most plyo exercises involve a swift change in movement, sometimes in that brief moment you are getting air time. Your ability to control and stick the landing of a plyo movement , while immediately exploding into the next rep will greatly increase your coordination and balance.
  5. It will improve your Olympic Lifting. You might not realise but a big part of Oly Lifting is explosive power and speed under the bar. All of which involves fast twitch fibres.

Please note, plyo exercises are high impact. If you want to do plyo exercises for the first time, or are looking to increase the volume of plyo in your training, do so gradually. Warm up properly, look after you joints and be safe.

Our Ultimate Plyo Leg Workout

Tabata, 20secs on/10secs off, 6rnds of each couplet, 1min rest between each lot of 6rnds

Jumping Lunges/Drop Squats

Box Jumps/Burpees

Knee Drivers/Half Burpees

Explodes/Mountain Climbers

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