Can we Just Talk About DOMs for a sec?

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What is DOMs?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMs) is that delightful pain you get in your muscles after a hectic workout. It usually kicks in 24-48hrs after the workout and is accompanied with tightness and stiffness in the area. You’ll often experience this if you start exercising after an extended break.

We’ve all been there haven’t we? When you drop your keys on the floor the day after a heavy legs workout and you stand there staring at them wondering if you really need your car anyway because it’s so painful to bend down and pick them up.

But what is actually going on when we experience this pain?

When you do a hectic workout it results in dozens of micro-tears in the muscle. These aren’t a bad thing, in fact they are crucial for muscle growth. They do result in an inflammatory response as your body works to repair them.

How to survive DOMs?

1. If it’s upper body DOMs just hope that it’s gone before you need to wash your hair. If it’s lower body DOMs try to avoid dropping things on the floor.

2. Avoid long periods of sitting still.

3. Gentle stretching is good (emphasis on gentle).

4. Light exercise is also advised, think swimming, walking, slow jogging or a gentle bike ride.

5. Ride it out. It should start to dissipate after 72hrs. Avoid any really hectic or heavy workouts in this period. Tight muscles are more prone to injury.

6. A trip to your Physio, OT or Chiro may help to speed up the repair process.

A little bit of DOMs is good but if it’s lasting like a week then you probably pushed it a little too far this time.

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