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Ever had the feeling like you’ve got so many things to do, so many emotions, so many people to please, so many dreams & goals, so many, many things! It’s exhausting right? And not super helpful to productivity, nor helpful to your mood and stress levels! One answer is the brain dump!


There are many approaches here, all with the same effectiveness level, but the goal is to get you out of your current environment and your current battle and in to a new perspective and energy, here are some examples:


  1. Take a friend and go for a walk, no phones and no distractions just you, your trusted confidant and some quality chats! Or go alone and allow your brain to problem solve the issue before you, the focus here is move!
  2. Get your sweat on! A class, pt or high intensity workout is a great way to release some nervous energy and leave the problem to your subconcious to work out. Post workout find a quiet place or again a friends or group to hash out any ideas or issues with a new angle.
  3. Journalling! This can be a great tool for getting out what your truly feeling, often we’re governed by a Logical thought pattern and an emotional thought pattern. Most people either ignore the emotional until it blows up or let it run wild without any thought for what is the reality of the situation. My advice is to first write down a wild emotional representation of what your feeling, let it all out and do whatever comes naturally, this is for your eyes only, there is no right or wrong. Then with the emotion experienced consider what might be your best avenue from a logical standpoint, what is an amicable solution to your problem. Getting this things down on paper feels amazing, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!
  4. The parallel universe! As a kid I had a great imagination and it’s often even today a tool I use to work through problems. I’ll build in my mind what I would consider the “perfect scenario” if there was no limitations or changes in my life. But I don’t stop there. I think about what the actions and the choices where that lead to these results, how did that parallel version of me get to them. Two things will eventuate from this Brain Dump. a) you’ll realize even in that dreamt up situation there would be different problems and things you’d have to give up in your current life, and actions by you b) you’ll come up with some new ideas and actions to take to improve your situation. Not to mention sometimes it feels nice to escape the every day grind of reality!
  5. Do a focused task that takes your attention away from the problem at hand. Ever tried colouring? Chess? Computer games? Puzzles? These are just a few examples, but are a great way to give your brain a damn break! Again it goes without saying, no phones, no distractions just you and a small amount of problem solving and unbroken focus. It’s all about finding what you enjoy and using it as a tool. Even a game of tetris has been shown to be a great way to break you out of that thought pattern loop. d the demands of life have never been higher. Tipping the full bucket out from time to time is crucial for allowing yourself to see clearly again and to de-load from the day to day grind
  6. Try some of these techniques either as a daily/weekly practice or when it’s all starting to come on a little to strong. Happy dumping!

Try some of these techniques either as a daily/weekly practice or when all of life is starting to come on a little too strong. Happy dumping!

Coach Coote

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