AM Trainers Free Guide to Conquering Winter

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Winter creates a number of challenges to our training routines, especially if you’re an early riser or have no other options due to work, family, uni or busy schedule. Or maybe you just like to get your training out of the way for the day. That’s all well and good in summer when it’s bright and warm. But in the colder, darker months more people choose the snooze button than they do their training and health goals. Leading to a yo-yo in progress and a yearly pattern of chasing consistency and more improvement while making the same mistakes.

In this free mini e-book you’ll get some proven strategies to:

  • Optimize your sleep cycles
  • Use breathing to get more out of less sleep
  • Learn how to “Warm up” for sleep and create a slow rising post sleep routine
  • Warm up better for your morning workout and day ahead
  • Create better environments for sleep
  • Win the battle against the dark and cold mornings to crush your goals!


Hopefully we’ll see more people conquering Winter in 2017! Please give some of these tips a go and send us through your feedback on what works best for you.

Team HQ

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